Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well friends, true grandeur is what I can call this play as... The play had everything in it which I looked for after listening about it. At first I thought it must be like any other communally biased portrayal, but no I was quite wrong… it emphasised more on the persona of the king and the responsibilities held by him. It was a true masterpiece written and directed by SHRI SHIVSHAAHIR BABASAAHEB PURANDARE, yes it was his brainchild after having seen a majestic play in Europe, to which his feelings were “why can’t India have such a play when it has a great history of Indian emperors who have ruled India with great valour and character”. He, being so moved by the feeling ,decided to do it himself and came with an idea of doing a play on the life of a great Maratha warrior SHRI KSHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ . So he did it in style… having written a wonderful script, he now got some gem of actors and actresses to portray the roles in the play, and if this was not enough he even got camels, elephants and horses for this opulence. This extravagant saga had in all 200 odd artists within the age group of 6months – 60 years all doing full justice to their respective rolls. They all performed from the bottom of their hearts for the whole long duration of three and half hours when we can’t even sit for the same. Its time now to raise the curtain friends… the play I am talking about is none other than “JAANTA RAJA-THE KNOWN KING” Ok so its time now to sign off the gentlemen’s lingo for it would be unfair on my part to narrate such an epic in a foreign language. Well I am not prejudicing the language but some things have to be done the way they are so I decided to do it in the language it was portrayed in original yeah you got it right… in Marathi.
Me majhya vadillaana samor houn ya natak pahaaela jaayecha prastaav theola, te nakkich achambhit zhaale pan mala tar he natak pahaechi khub utsuktaa hoti kaaran majha eka mitra ni he natak techa shahraat baghitla hota aani to hyache khub gun-gaan karaecha, tevhaan mala thodi faar dokyat kalpana tar zaali hoti pan mahiti nahuta ke kalpana la hi seema asu shakte, kaaran te tar maza kalpane peksha he faar ch bhavya hota. Apan tar fakt vichaaras karun shakto ke kiti mehnat, parishram lagli asel ya mothya aayojana saathi pan te karna anni te hi yeudhanda swata madhe ch ek mothi uplabdhi aahe. Tumala zar mahiti nasel tar maza shaherat he tyanchi 800 vi prastuti hoti, he nakkich sadhaaran uplabdhi nahi aet , tya varhi tyaanni hya natakaat adhuniktaa pan jaalvoon thyoli aahet, mag te 5-manzila stage aso kevhaan tar ma te rotor used convertible sets, ekahi kona ya kshan tyanhi asa nasel sodla ke jela pahoon aplala wataava ke ithe he chukle, te apratimba hote pratyek goshtaat.
Kityek lokaana he naatak cha artha ch nahi kadla, pushkal ase lokaanhi tar he marathi manasa chya varchasva dakhavnyache prayatna aahe manhoon tyachi avaganana keli pan he tyanchi mothi chuk ch. Shivaji he kharach khub mothe raja hote aani te hya natakaat dakhavlelya pratyek sanmaana che sampoornapani hakdaar hote. Tashech hotya veer mata jijabai jyaanani samaaja cha, deshacha cha aani sampoorna manavjaati chya hitta saathi swatachya mulala yudhaat ghaatla kharach faar motha man haava he karaaela. Apan tar fakt lihuch shakto jaastich jaasti tar tyancha rupaantaran karu shakto pan te yug punah jeevun ghena he faarach kathin asu shakta. Tarhi he naatak pahun kamit kami tya mahapurusha la aathvan tar matra karuch shakto nahi kaa
Maza he nivedan ch samjha ke zar tumhi he naatak nasel pahela tar zaroor pahoon yaa kaaran he “aayushyaat yenaara ekach mauka” aahe. Naataka badal lihna tech uphas kelya saarkha hoil manhoon me ithe ch thambto aani tumhi waat paha hya bhavya prastuti chi tumchya shaheraat yenyaachi.
Namaskaar va khub khub aabhar

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aspire to Respire

Hello friends, it has been a short while before the title came to my mind, I was just relaxing on my bed thinking about my extremely busy schedule of being idle, after all doing nothing is the most tiresome job because it’s impossible to stop and take a rest. There, I thought that there should be something which may please us after our achievements but no it never happens with me at least, after every accomplishment I enjoy it for quite a sometime and then comes the question from deep within “What next now?”, and actually its true enough as in how long will you enjoy your accomplishments, one day, one week, one month… that’s it. You can’t carry it more forward because you got to move further. So there comes the phrase “ASPIRE TO RESPIRE” I don’t know how it came to my mind, nor was I proud of coining a new catchphrase, all I was concerned about ...was the essence of the thought , it was so damn deep.. I mean it is the crux of our lives that’s what we live for. Either we live for the fulfilment of our aspirations or that of our dear ones no matter how “dear” the aspiration may be. We still try to make our stay on the planet earth an ecstasy or say an endeavour for some of the less flamboyant humans. What I believe is that……

The world is heading for another doom; still humans are fighting for the room.
So much on earth is the content; but pity to say that few have the contentment.
Success is traced by a short conspire; no one really wants to perspire.
Not so ashamed to say that I too have joined the rat race; because mine is not too distinct than your case.
We all want to make the end of this journey special; who cares about the means… are they really crucial?
In this global era the time is to walk, taking hand in hand; oops look what… we are aloof from our hinterland.
I don’t know why we desire; at last we all have to lay down silent on the pyre.
Still the aspirations are quite strong; such is the feeling that... can i stretch it a bit long.
We know our expedition will end in heaven or hell; on the flip side, wait for the destiny to ring a bell.
No my friends don’t forget to aspire; for this is the need of hour which will fulfil your due desires.
This is what I wanted to say; now you are the one to decide what life should serve you in its tray.
Mark my words friends…..

“Strong aspirations are the only thing, which will provide enough oxygen to respire for an eventful living”